Frequently Asked Questions

How does your program work?

The program offers structure, education and coaching to get you to your weight loss goals. In the HMR@reg; program, we focus on the key skills that are most predictive of your success - using HMR® weight loss foods to reduce calories and engaging in physical activity to burn calories. In the Healthy Weight Solutions Program, you use all your own food for weight loss. Participants make two commitments: to attend their weight-loss group weekly and to keep simple records to track their progress. Trained health care professionals work with you to provide training perspective and support helping you make practical, realistic changes that won't stop when you go off the diet.

What are HMR® weight-loss foods?

HMR® weight-loss foods are healthy and delicious "fast" food. The HMR® line of foods includes packaged entrees, shakes, puddings, soup, multigrain cereal and nutrition bars. All HMR® weight-loss foods are low calorie, high nutrition and portion controlled to support your weight loss goals. They are used in place of higher calorie foods making it easier for you to lower calorie intake while maintaining good nutrition.

What do you mix HMR® shakes with?

The preferred method seems to be mixing it with water and ice in a blender to make a milkshake. You can also stir it with a spoon to make pudding, or just shake it in a shaker cup. You can also mix the supplement with any non-caloric beverage such as diet soda, diet Snapple or even coffee. There is also a recipe book for the product that will give you many more ideas such as adding flavorings.

How much weight will I lose?

Generally, participants on our Decision-Free Diet® lose 2-4 pounds per week or more. Participants on our Healthy Weight Solutions Program lose 1-2 pounds per week or more

I am lactose intolerant. Is there a lactose free product?

Yes, we do offer a lactose free product. People who are lactose-intolerant can often enjoy any of the HMR® foods by using a Lactaid tablet.

Can people with diabetes join your program?

Yes, you can join either of our programs. The HMR® foods are frequently recommended by doctors for their patients with diabetes because of the foods' nutritional formulation and low calories. On the Healthy Weight Solutions program, you will be given an individualized meal plan prepared by a Registered Dietitian.

What is the calorie level?

The medically supervised HMR® Decision-Free Diets® range from approximately 500-800 calories per day or more. The Healthy Weight Solutions diet is approximately 1200-1600 calories a day or more.

Why is it important to keep food records?

Food records help you to keep track of what you are eating. It is very difficult to remember what you did or did not eat. They keep you accountable.

How much does the program cost?

Cost for the programs vary. Costs include your weekly weight-loss classes, medical supervision if applicable, and your HMR® weight-loss foods. We can provide detailed cost information at a free, no-obligation orientation. Call to find out when the next one is 973-971-4555

Can I consume caffeine on the program?

Here we recommend a minimum of 64 ounces of water (can vary depending on medical risk factors) and after that you can consume caffeine.

How much fluid should I drink?

You should get a minimum of 64 ounces of fluid every day. The best bet is to make sure most of this comes from water. There are instances when you may need more. For example, when you are physically active you may need to replenish what you have lost during activity. It is important to check with your doctor regarding the correct amount for you if you have medical conditions that cause water retention.

How often and for how long do I need to exercise?

We recommend getting physical activity every day. The idea is to create a lifestyle that includes regular activity. Some days you will have more time to dedicate to this and some days you may only have 10 minutes. With the busy lifestyle of today, it is not always easy to find that 30-60 minutes, so be sure to do 3-6 ten-minute periods. Studies now show that this can be very beneficial. People who did short bouts throughout the day ended up doing more physical activity and stuck with their program longer than the people who only did longer bouts on most days.

What types of physical activity should I do?

Anything that gets you moving! Variety is the key. It is easy to get burned out if you do not have a variety of activities. You also need variety in order to use all of the muscles. Think of physical activity as simply moving your body through space. It can be walking, weight training, exercise equipment, riding a bike, or even playing in the yard with the kids. Make it fun.

I want to lose 25 lbs and I would like to know what program I should be on for this and how long would it take to lose the weight I want to?

I would suggest you come to one of our free orientations to learn more about the various options we offer.

I need to lose 55lbs. I have been having great difficult. I had a hysterectomy a year ago and my blood sugar is 125 and my cholesterol is high. I have not had great luck. I am 55 years old and my mother died of a massive heart attack at age 62. Heart disease and diabetes run in our family. I have gained 25lbs in a year. This is depressing me. Is your program right for me?

I would be more than happy to talk with you regarding our weight loss options. We have free orientations for you to attend to hear about them and ask any further questions you might have.

Do I need a doctor referral for your program?

No referrals are needed.

When does your program meet?

Most of our classes are held in the evening.

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