For Physicians

Prior to starting the program, a medical work-up is required consisting of:

  • Health History by a Registered Nurse
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Lipid Panel
  • Uric Acid level
  • CBC with differential
  • Thyroid Profile (T3 uptake, T4) TSH is needed if on thyroid medication
  • Urinalysis with Microscopic
  • EKG
  • Physical Exam

All above is performed by our staff.

After the initial medical induction is complete and the patient is cleared to join the program, the patient comes to the clinic on a weekly basis. The ongoing medical component consists of weekly blood pressure, weight, physician, and nurse visits. Biweekly Chem 12, Lipid Panel, Uric Acid Level, monthly CBC and EKG every eight weeks complete the medical portion of the program. In addition, patients are required to attend a one-hour group session run by a Registered Dietitian focusing on nutrition education and behavior modification.

Patients are followed medically for weight loss only. If changes or adjustments in medication are needed, the primary care physician is made aware of these changes by our medical staff and if agreed, changes are made.

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