HMR® Weight Management Services Corp. Program

The HMR® Weight Management Services Corp. weight loss program we offer is a national program providing nutritional products, as well as education to overweight people.  The HMR® program combines a nutritionally complete medically supervised diet with intensive behavioral education. The program promotes rapid weight loss under medical supervision. The HMR® Low Calorie Diet (LCD) is designed for people who are 25 pounds or more overweight. Uses only nutritionally complete low calorie HMR® weight loss shakes, multigrain hot cereal, soup, packaged entrees and bars. Participants may also include fruits and vegetables as part of this plan.

HMR® clinic program includes weekly lifestyle education classes along with ongoing medical supervision as needed.

Once weight loss has been achieved, we provide continued support and education in our maintenance program.  Through individualized counseling and ongoing educational classes, the maintenance program assists patients with skills to help maintain weight loss.

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