Trick or Treat?


How many calories do you think are in a typical Halloween splurge?  If a typical Halloween splurge involves eating:  1 Snickers, 2  Twizzlers, 3 Kisses, 1 Kit Kat, 10 Candy Corns, 3 Hershey's Miniature Bars, 3 Tootsie Rolls, and a Tootsie Pop - that adds an additional 600 calories to your day.


Here are some tricks to keep tabs on Halloween treats - Halloween can be a scary holiday, not because of monsters walking the street but because of all the free candy floating around!


1.  Log treats ahead of time to budget calories better.  If you set aside time to enter your candy ahead of time you'll have a better idea of how much you can eat.  Planning ahead in this way gives you a little mental support in saying no to extra candy.

2.  Note the size.  There's a big difference between mini and regular sized candy bars.  Even within the mini category there are several tiny sizes.  So make sure you keep track of whether you're eating 'fun size' or 'miniature.'

3.  Eat strategic.  Some candies contain fewer calories than others, so you can eat more of them.  Lollipops and hard candies are typically lower in calories and last longer than say, candy corn which you can easily eat by the handful.  If you're a chocolate lover, go for the miniature sizes.  One miniature Reese's can take the edge off and is just 44 calories and less than 3 grams of fat, compared to 105 calories and 6.5 grams of fat in a full Rees's cup.

4.  Don't be tricked by your treats.  Look up a candy's nutrition info before tearing into the wrapper and then decide if it's a worthwhile treat.

5.  Buy trick-or-treat candy as late as possible.  There will always be some left.  Stores don't run out of Halloween-themed items until mid-November, just before Thanksgiving hits.  The earlier you buy, the more time those bags have to sit in your house tempting you to open them.  Go just a few days before - or even the day of Halloween, if possible.

6.  Buy candy that you don't like.  If you're buying candy for trick-or-treaters, resist the urge to share YOUR favorite candy with them.  If your favorite candy is in the house for days leading up to Halloween, you might end up eating it yourself.  Even if you wait until Halloween night to open the bag, you'll be tempted to sneak into your own candy jar in between trick-or-treaters.  Buy a candy that doesn't tempt you to help remain in control.


Sugar calories do not offer much in the nutrition department either and are also the primary culprit in tooth decay.  Americans consume an average of 12 to 20 teaspoons of added suagr every day, which equals and extra 200-300 calories!  So, whether you're shopping for trick-or-treaters or looking to satisfy a craving, make sure to  look for the nutrition facts to enjoy your favorite candy in moderation.














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