Healthy Weight Solutions

For successful weight loss without medical supervision,  A Registered Dietitian (RD) from the health education department calculates each patient's individual caloric needs and formulates a meal plan based on individual food preferences.

Each patient receives:

  • An assessment report with information on calorie and exercise goals and the time frame for reaching your weight loss goal.
  • A breakdown of your specific nutrient needs.
  • An individualized meal plan including recipes and menus.
  • Weekly weight-ins.

Patients attend a one-hour class each week for 12 weeks.  Weekly classes focus on behavior modification techniques and nutrition education.  The weekly classes are very interactive.  Some topics are how to navigate the supermarket, how to eat healthy in a restaurant, snacking smarter, dealing with pressures to eat, stress and eating, achieving long-term success.  This program promotes a slower more moderate weight loss with the use of your own food.

Once weight loss has been achieved, we provide continued support and education in our maintenance program.  Through individualized counseling and ongoing educational classes, the maintenance program assists patients with skills to help maintain weight loss.

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